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Examples of addressed issues:

  •  How to manage the increasing power of digital and which key areas of expertise must be internalized?
  •  How to steer the omnichannel devices more efficiently?
  •  How to reduce campaigns’ lead-time?
  •  How to guarantee an image consistency, on the local market and/or internationally?
  •  How to improve the synergies between web-to-store and store-to-web?


We support our clients with the definition of their ideal organization and collaborative processes:

  • Definition of the new organization chart
  • Identification of internal and external key profiles
  • Delimitation of the areas of responsibilities and processes
  • Establishment of processes, as well as  budget construction and management tools


We assist our clients in change management, implementing:

  • An efficient project communication
  • Pilot tests
  •  Project monitoring and corrective actions